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UFC 4-010-05

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UL 2050 Monitoring

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Underwriter’s Laboratory requires that all Secure Facilities (SCIFs) have an approved UL681 alarm system installed to Category Extent 3 and monitored by a Department of Defense approved Top Secret Cleared Central Monitoring Station before granting a UL2050 Certificate. This certificate is one of many things that are needed to get the space accredited prior to getting communications installed and before moving into the SCIF.

UL 681 Security Installations with UL2050 monitoring

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When designing electronic security for a SCIF facility please keep in mind the parameters set in the ICD 705 tech Specs and the Unified Facilities Criteria for the Planning, Design and Construction of SCIFs. The ICD705 Tech Specs went into effect November 2012. There are some differences from the DCID 6/9.

Unlike the DCID 6/9, you are now required to file a Fixed Facility Checklist, Construction Drawings, Security Drawings and Construction Security Management Plan to the Accrediting Official (AO) prior to the commencement of construction. These approved documents and a DD-254 need to be issued prior to construction.