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FiberPlus, Inc. has been delivering turnkey security and voice/data services for the last 20+ years to the Intelligence Community, federal and state agencies as well as commercial customers. We are subject matter experts in the ICD705 Tech Specs. Some of our other areas of expertise are:

  • SCIF concentric security design with guaranteed accreditation of our systems.
  • UL 2050 SCIF intrusion detection systems with central station monitoring.
  • Global access control systems
  • Smart card technology, CAC, PIV
  • Network IP CCTV including megapixel and FLIR
  • Black/red voice data networks with secure conveyances.
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Intelligent Building Solutions for Cabling

FiberPlus can design, furnish and install a comprehensive infrastructure solution for today's smart green buildings. The common infrastructure links together the dozens of low voltage building systems creating a single system that, over the life cycle of a building, reduces operations and maintenance costs while enhancing operational efficiency. With a single backbone supporting all of these systems from security to lighting, from HVAC to communications, building operations can become a high performance and cost-effective system.

Intelligent buildings and their requisite infrastructure are quickly becoming the new standard for owners/operators and tenants who want high visibility, high performance, easily managed and efficient spaces. Bright green buildings leverage intelligent technologies to support environmental sustainability while providing a significant return on investment.

Converged IT and the building systems on the network are saving owner/operators and tenants an average of 30% on operating expenses over the life cycle of a building. Much of this savings is realized through a reduction of energy usage through building management software. Since these devices are now sitting on the computer network, communications between this wide array of devices is now possible. Through the use of intelligent lighting solutions and other smart building technologies, building owners/operators can enhance their LEED status through an increase in energy performance.

For questions, please contact Mark Wharton: mwharton@fiberplusinc.com800-394-3301

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UL 2050 Monitoring

Written by FiberPlus on . Posted in SCIF Standards

Underwriter’s Laboratory requires that all Secure Facilities (SCIFs) have an approved UL681 alarm system installed to Category Extent 3 and monitored by a Department of Defense approved Top Secret Cleared Central Monitoring Station before granting a UL2050 Certificate. This certificate is one of many things that are needed to get the space accredited prior to getting communications installed and before moving into the SCIF.

UL 681 Security Installations with UL2050 monitoring

Written by FiberPlus on . Posted in SCIF Standards

When designing electronic security for a SCIF facility please keep in mind the parameters set in the ICD 705 tech Specs and the Unified Facilities Criteria for the Planning, Design and Construction of SCIFs. The ICD705 Tech Specs went into effect November 2012. There are some differences from the DCID 6/9.

Unlike the DCID 6/9, you are now required to file a Fixed Facility Checklist, Construction Drawings, Security Drawings and Construction Security Management Plan to the Accrediting Official (AO) prior to the commencement of construction. These approved documents and a DD-254 need to be issued prior to construction.