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For over 65 years, Whitaker Brothers has been an authority in the paper shredder and data destruction industry. Providing quality service and support to customers nationwide, we specialize mainly in data destruction equipment, selling to the federal government, DOD contractors, and commercial businesses. As security requirements are ever changing and increasing, we strive to constantly address such changing needs. Whitaker Brothers is proud to provide our customers with products renowned for their quality, strength and reliability. Our goal is to provide you with the same superior paper shredders, high security shredders (NSA/DOD Approved), disintegrators, granulators, and multimedia destruction devices that we have provided our customers since 1945. Whitaker Brothers stands apart from most office equipment retailers thanks to our large brick and mortar presence complete with a fully operational Service Department, Parts Department, and warehouse to inventory products for the best pricing available on the web. In an age of rock-bottom pricing, Whitaker Brothers prides itself in being a leader while preserving the relationship business philosophies that come with over 65 years of experience.
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The Best SCIF Shredders

Written by Whitaker Brothers on . Posted in SCIF Data Destruction

Security is imperative to SCIFs.  Strict rules dictate nearly every aspect of construction.  Inside, system networks and even phones are bound by specific rules.  Even beyond the construction, security must be continuously maintained by employees.  However, human error in the form of bad decisions or mistakes (including choosing the wrong shredder) can compromise classified information.  Though not all shredders are high security, users can still choose from a small range of different models.  Choosing an appropriate shredder is cost effective and maximizes security.  The wrong shredder can disrupt workflow and productivity, while jeopardizing secret information.  The wrong shredder could mean more than a broken shredder: it could mean wasted time and money, and worst of all, a security breach.  

The Importance of Degaussers

Written by Whitaker Brothers on . Posted in SCIF Data Destruction

For most, hard drives and magnetic media devices contain at least some sensitive or personal information that you do not want getting into the wrong hands.  If you are looking to erase information rather than simply destroy these devices, then you require a degausser.  Degaussers offer the most comprehensive and effective way of erasing data from magnetic media devices.  Instead of physically bending, warping, and destroying the hard drive itself, degaussers attack the actual information and magnetic properties.  Personal information is becoming easier and easier to steal as identity theft rises in popularity.  Protect the data stored on your laptop, desktop and network hard drives, or LTO and DLT tapes by purchasing the securest form of data destruction: a degausser.