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Security is imperative to SCIFs.  Strict rules dictate nearly every aspect of construction.  Inside, system networks and even phones are bound by specific rules.  Even beyond the construction, security must be continuously maintained by employees.  However, human error in the form of bad decisions or mistakes (including choosing the wrong shredder) can compromise classified information.  Though not all shredders are high security, users can still choose from a small range of different models.  Choosing an appropriate shredder is cost effective and maximizes security.  The wrong shredder can disrupt workflow and productivity, while jeopardizing secret information.  The wrong shredder could mean more than a broken shredder: it could mean wasted time and money, and worst of all, a security breach.  

It’s important to realize that even with strict parameters, there are many choices when it comes to selecting a shredder, and selecting a high security shredder (Level6/P-7) for any SCIF depends on the demands.  We here at Whitaker Brothers assessed our high security shredders for their best features, considering factors such as size or productivity to select the most appropriate and efficient SCIF shredders.



2360 Destroyit

SCIFs are often designed to be compact spaces, leaving little space to spare for oversized shredders, especially when the shredding volume is low.  For a compact, yet efficient NSA approved shredder, look no further than the Destroyit 2360/2 SMC.  The Destroyit 2360/2 is a space conscious, personal shredder that easily tucks away in a corner or under a desk for comfortable personal use.  It takes up to 7 sheets at once and houses a Safety Protection System for user safety.  It even has casters for easy mobility, allowing safe shredding anywhere.  And despite its small size, it can shred 14 ft per minute.

The 2360 is an ideal balance of affordability, size, and high security performance for light personal shredding.

DCS 36-6


Most high security shredders only handle paper, but the DCS 36-6 Paper and Optical Media shredder goes a step further, destroying paper, CDs, and DVDs.  Without having to purchase a second high security shredder for discs, SCIFs can destroy paper documents, CDs, and DVDs at a throughput speed of up to 2,500 pieces per hour.  The 36-6 Combo shredder controls low noise levels, energy consumption, and continuous motor operation for a secure, effective shred.  Key features include an integrated automatic oiler, a 39-gallon bin (for paper), and separate slots for paper and optical media.  This two-in-one shredder is both secure and cost-effective.







For any SCIF with more demanding shredding needs, a small shredder just won’t do.  Not only will the performance of a low-duty shredder diminish with overuse (potentially compromising information via subpar shredding), but it could also eventually break down.  Rather than wasting time, money, and risking security on multiple low-volume machines, invest in a heavy duty shredder to maximize productivity and safety.  Two Whitaker favorites are the Datastroyer models 007SF and 702SF.  The 007SF and 702SF are high volume, heavy duty shredders capable of shredding up to 20 sheets at once (and continuously).  The 007SF has one of the largest bag volumes of any high security shredder, destroys up to 60 feet per minute, offers key-lock security to protect against unauthorized use, and features an all-metal construction (shredder and cabinet) for guaranteed durability.  The 702SF offers the highest NSA tested throughput on the market, approved at 29 Reams/11 sheets per hour. In addition, each of these shredders include auto-stop and auto-reverse functions, quiet operation, and a sealed oil system (to prevent spilling).  Also equipped with castors for mobility, these heavy duty shredders can easily be used as central machines by the entire office without having to worry about overuse.




The practicality of a shredder can affect productivity.  An error or jam can be time-consuming to fix, and complicated to handle on some shredders. With the 007SF (also a heavy duty shredder), users can easily access jams, making it incredibly simple to use.  The preferred model by technicians, its thumb screws allow for easy access in case of repair or jam.  It is so practical and durable that it’s often used on subs and ships for secure, on-location shredding at an impressive 60 ft per minute.  Less fuss means less time spent trying to adjust or fix the shredder and fewer potential mistakes that could risk security.


2603 SMC

2603 SMC


As our most popular high security shredder, the Destroyit is the best all-around shredder for moderate jobs.  The 2603SMC shreds 28 ft per minute and is equipped with a variety of automated features that guarantee user safety and peace of mind.  The Safety Protection System uses an electronic safety shield that covers the feed opening and halts shredding when the shield is opened, keeping fingers and hands safe.  Photo cells detect paper and automatically start/stop shredding.  The Electronic Capacity Control is a series of lights that indicate sheet capacity levels to avoid overloading.  But just in case the shred bag fills, cabinet door opens, or papers jam, the 2603 SMC will automatically cease shredding until the problem is rectified.  If the shredder is idle for too long, the Energy Saving Mode automatically turns off the shredder to prevent overheating and burning.  A low maintenance, affordable high security shredder with an ample gallon capacity, the 2603SMC is reliable for any mid-volume shredding needs.  It finds an ideal balance of price, durability, and performance.


So, consider the needs of your SCIF and choose a shredder without having to sacrifice performance or safety.  All high security shredders meet the NSA/CSS requirements (for top tier protection).

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