The Future of NSA Listed and High Security Data Destruction

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Phiston Technologies’ additions and changes to the MediaVise series allows us to see that the future of NSA listed and high security data destruction is now

Solid State DrivesThis new machine gives us an in-depth idea about upcoming equipment design features. With space-saving options, improved safety features and higher security, we couldn’t be more excited. Even so, we can’t contain our curiosity for the materials companies are beginning to focus on. We’ve seen monumental strides in magnetic media (aka. hard drive) destruction platforms in the past, but in more recent years there’s been a growing demand for solid state destruction. Rightfully so, as solid state drive use has an array of benefits over hard drive use, including but not limited to speed, cost and energy efficiency. We can only assume that manufacturers, such as Phiston, would be focusing on destroying solid state drives in the future. In lieu of this upcoming integration into the MediaVise line and our obsession with data destruction trends, let’s revisit some of Phiston’s Greatest Hits to predict where data destruction can go from here.MediaVise Compact HDD

Track 1: Phiston’s MediaVise Compact Hard Drive Destroyer. Magnetic media is a widely popular genre in data destruction right now. This crowd-pleaser flexes serious muscle power with an applied 40,000 lbs. of force and 187 interlocking teeth in the hydraulic crusher. In less than 30 seconds, this device annihilates anything in its way. With simple, automatic, hands free operation this solid state mangler does some serious damage.

This machine offers dimensions of 22.5’L x 9.75’W x 16” H. To put that into perspective, that’s like holding the force of almost three average-sized elephants in a small microwave. Why is this important? Aside from the sheer impressiveness of punch this little guy packs, it also gives users the freedom to have an entire in-house data destruction operation without sacrificing a large amount of space.

For such a small machine, the Compact HD Destroyer really takes no prisoners in terms of hard drive destruction. Once inserted through the top sliding doors, hard drives have no chance against the hydraulic crushing plates. Within 30 seconds, this machine crushes, warps and even mangles every inch of the drive. The proof is in the collection bin. This houses only shards of magnetic media that have been deemed by the NSA, truly irrecoverable for second stage destruction. In fact, this item has been approved and added to the EPL (Evaluated Products List) by the NSA as a device that meets top secret hard drive destruction standards for second stage hard drive destruction.

MediaVise Compact SSDTrack 2: the MediaVise Compact Solid State Destroyer. The original Compact Hard Drive Destroyer was so popular, Phiston simply revamped it to destroy solid state drives instead. This compact machine is the same size, safety features and crushing 20 ton force as the original, but it has a modified destruction chamber capacity that accommodates up to 1 full size SSD or 2 laptop SSDs. It is even possible to destroy cell phones and PDAs in this machine too. Though this is not on the EPL for solid state drive destruction, it still crushes, punches and effectively destroys solid state drives. This was a major step for solid state drive destruction. With all the features of the original Compact Hard Drive Destroyer for solid state drives, this machine paved the way for future devices.

Track 3: the MediaVise SSD V-Spike. This has the same coined size dimensions, security features and crushing force as the MediaVise Compact series, but this machine has a monstrous twist. The “Spike” isn’t just a nickname for how ruthless it is to solid state drives, cell phones, circuit boards and PDAs. It actually refers to the electrical spike that’s delivered during the destruction process to disable memory chips and controllers; making this a two in one process.

The two in one functionality of the MediaVise SSD V-Spike makes this ruthless machine also easy to operate. Just add the media to destroy into the top and close the sliding door. After the sliding door is fully closed, press start. Phiston keeps safety as a top priority. Without closing the top sliding door, it’s impossible to start the machine. After the machine has started, within 30 seconds the V-Spike delivers that “spike” of electricity and then crushes the solid state drive. The mangled media is either spit into the debris collection drawer or down the chute depending on the model purchased. Even though it’s a monster of a machine, it’s tamed by easy user-operation and top-notch safety.MediaVise Compact V-Spike

Though this wildly popular unit has been on the market for a while, Phiston has confirmed that they aren’t finished improving the MediaVise series. We can see this with not only their implementation of the MediaVise Rackmount and Mobile HDD Destroyer, but also their upcoming V-Spike changes. We’re not spilling yet, but it may reveal revolutionary safety features and new mounting capabilities to this seasoned pro. With Phiston’s dedication to innovative technology solutions, anything is possible. Hopefully by the time these improvements are revealed, the NSA will be evaluating the V-Spike for a potential spot on the EPL (submitted in early 2014). With a growing need for solid state destruction, this MediaVise favorite is going to be a colossal part high security in the future.

So let’s get back to where we started: what does the future hold for NSA listed and high security destruction? Phiston’s MediaVise series proves that magnetic media destruction isn’t quite material of the past with their integration of the new hard drive destroyer. However, their trends MediaVise technology to cater their machines to solid state drives shows an even bigger focus on these in the future. With this increased need for solid state drive destruction, we can expect to see more devices that handle this equipment on the market and possibly the EPL. All things considered, Phiston’s Greatest Hits are only the beginning of a new era in NSA listed and high security data destruction.

-Jiselle Zunino

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